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On guitar and backing vocals there's Frank Verheggen, on drums it's Edmond Jaspers, Thierry Dupuis - our new member - with his contrabass and Patrick Jaspers does all the vocals. The band was formed in 1998 and since their performance on Bluesrock 2001 in Tegelen they got it going. .... The Regulars mix blues, rock 'n roll and rockabilly to a heavy swinging style that's recognizable to the loyal as well to the new fans. .... The bandmembers searched together for an own sound and after years of blood, sweat and tears it payed off. The Regulars really know how to pull up a wall of heavy steaming Rock 'n Roll. The constant drive that makes their perfomances so powerfull that it hits, like thunder, the audience. Fast guitarplay, a heavy pounding beat and passioned vocals are the characteristics that are noticable. .... With or without the Regulars the bandmembers stood on stage in the past few years with: Slim Jim Phantom, Bang Bang Bazooka, the Bellhops, Gary Moore, the Jordanairs, Mister Running Bear, the Stargazers, The Seatsniffers and the beautifull miss Marty Brom.
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